His Hands Ministries Praise Report for 2018

With your help:

  1. The house (24 x 40) that we started in December of 2017 was completed. By the first week of March the family were all moved in; out of their small trailer. Many thanks to all those who participated in making this possible! What a blessing for this family!!
  2. We held our annual Daily Vacation Bible School for the Spring Break and had a great response of 75 children by the last day. Each child received a tote bag with a notebook, pen & pencil. Some of the activities were birdhouse building, kite flying, stepping stones, glass painting, bead and flower making, and plenty of outdoor sports and games. Many thanks to our Winter Texans and H.E.B. for supporting this event!
  3. We were able to continue with food supplements for 120 to 140 families. Our monthly food cost for distribution averages between $700 and $850 a month (This doesn’t cover operating costs) We remain on call for any emergencies through the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank. H.E.B. sent out a truck through the RGV with bread and cakes twice a week and that supplements around 60 – 75 families. This year our pantry dispensed 334,325 lbs of food, which included pallets of various fresh produce!!
  4. We served 15 – 25 hot meals daily on site for local volunteers & “Winter Texans”
  5. Volunteers did some painting and maintenance on our main buildings and some temporary roof repairs. These will need new shingles in the next year or two. Also some other minor repairs to homes in the area.
  6. Several R.V. Parks in the Mission area have become regular donors of household furnishings. We continue to pick up 3 – 4 times a week, as many do not have trucks or the manpower to lift or deliver. These items are sold for a nominal fee at our annual “Garage Sale” to help recover transportation and operating costs. This year was our largest ever, generating slightly over $9,000.00. Thank you Winter Texans!!!
  7. 130 reusable “Family” bags were given out at Easter with towels, shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, etc.
  8. We continued to hold regular services on Sunday morning in our Chapel, Bible Study on Tuesday and perform special services such as weddings, baptisms and dedications as requested.
  9. We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for 130 people. Grocery carts, boxes or reusable bags were filled to overflowing with food, produce and baked goods to take home.
  10. Christmas was another busy time for us and all our families in the nearby Colonias. 150 families received blankets and warm clothing. 60 baby blankets and 150 quilts were handed out. 455 children received hats, sweaters, a toy and of course, a bag of candy. Also, a choice from a selection of handmade wooden toys and the New Testament in English or Spanish! Everyone enjoyed the BBQ of hot dogs (475 of them). Each family received a 60 lb box of basic groceries, and fresh produce.