Clothing Bank


Clothing and Home Furnishing are received from many different sources: RV parks, consignment stores, mailings, and individuals who collect a car or trailer load and bring it out to us. Over the years Churches, Parks and individuals who have grown familiar with our work, have spread the word and we are blessed with much needed items used and new ranging from children’s and baby clothes, blankets, school supplies, yarn and even building supplies. There are some ladies in the Parks who crochet and knit for our families. They make hats, sweaters, booties and afghans.

Clothing is sorted and set out on tables on “food day”. The families go through and choose what fits and works for them. We have never had to limit the amount they take, with the exception of baby clothes. Baby items are in high demand.

Linens, bedding and towels are set aside until we have accumulated enough to give a set to each family. This usually happens twice a year, at which time we offer personal items, shampoos, etc. as our supplies dictate.